Aulani - infinity

Cause nothing says “dreamy” like crystal clear blue water, 80 degree sunshine, piña coladas on tap, and a bunch of Disney characters in island attire.

Aulani - view

We spent our first day in Oahu soaking in all the awesome at the resort.

Aulani - chip
Aulani - chip n dale
Aulani - ello

Like these cuties.

Aulani - Star Wars

And these noms.

Aulani - Mickey

And this guy, of course.

Aulani - Pina Colada

And piña coladas, most importantly of all.

Aulani - eats

Enjoyed with chicken tenders and fries, cause we’re 5.

Aulani - ocean

Then it was time to hit the pools.

Aulani - infinity
Aulani - me
Aulani - infinity

Major props to Aulani for making the infinity hot tub for guests 18 and older.

Aulani - adult pool

And for making this pool by the bar an adult-only one, too.

Aulani - blue drank

It was the perfect backdrop for some more brightly colored alcohol.

Aulani - blue drink


Aulani - infinity
Aulani - room service

After a day of doing nothing but lounge around and eat, it was time to go back to the room to lounge around and eat.

Room service! Perfectly captured by standing on the chair.

Aulani - dessert

We ordered THE BEST mocha chantilly cake.

Aulani - chardonnay

Plus a little sunset ‘n chardonnay.

Aulani - sunset view

With this view…

Aulani - orangey

And this one…

Aulani - reflection of us

Aulani - sunset gorgeoussss

Ahh, yes. The dreamiest of dreamlands.


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