Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge

Ah, the illustrious Oga’s Cantina. It is — dare I say — the true heart of Galaxy’s Edge, edging out the Millennium Falcon purely on the grounds that it has, you know, alcohol. This “local watering hole,” which you’ll find right next to the Smuggler’s Run ride, is home to “bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders and weary travelers of all ages” — or so says the Disney website. We didn’t see any Boba Fett types when we visited, but we did rub shoulders with our fellow Batuu travelers in the (very tight) space.

The Cantina is what I was looking forward to most in Galaxy’s Edge, but I’ll be honest — it wasn’t my favorite. On the upside: the ambiance is brilliant, and you’ll leave feeling like you really were just tossing drinks and dropping credits in a far off seedy space port bar. On the downside: cocktails are pricey, most tables are standing room only, and the food options are next to none.

How to make a reservation

We couldn’t get into Cantina on opening day, and heard of people waiting 2+ hours — totally bananas! But they’ve since ironed out the kinks, and it’s now relatively straightforward to book a Cantina time: grab a reservations for Oga’s Cantina through the Disneyland app or Disneyland website. They currently open 14 days in advance, but soon you’ll be able to book up to 60 days in advance. You need to hold the reservation with a credit card, and no-shows will be charged $10 per person in your party. Remember: kids of all ages are welcome in Oga’s!

Oga’s rules

The Cantina is one of the most popular experiences inside of Batuu — owing largely to the fact that it’s only place within Disneyland that serves alcohol (outside of Club 33, that is). As such, no strollers are allowed inside, all guests have a two drink maximum, and guests can spend no more than 45 minutes in the Cantina.

That may sound like not enough time, but they’re really efficient inside and drinks arrive very quickly. There’s also no real food on the menu — aside from a jello dish named “Oga’s Obsession” and chex mix type snack called “Batuu Bits” — so no need to factor eating time into your visit.

What to order

The first time we visited Oga’s Cantina, we had a party of 6, and took full advantage of the drink maximum. From left to right, we ordered: Fuzzy Tauntaun, Jedi Mind Trick, Cliff Dweller, Dagobah Slug Slinger, Outer Rim, Blue Bantha, Bespin Fizz, and Yub Nub.

The Bantha Milk and Cliff Dweller were two of the six non-alcoholic options on the menu, so there are a lot of choices for kiddos and those who don’t drink alcohol.

We didn’t order any of the beer or wine, but of the cocktails we tried, my personal favorite was the Outer Rim. It had a tropical flair, and reminded me of the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum drink from Trader Sam’s. I also liked the Fuzzy TaunTaun, which turns your mouth numb, and the Bespin Fizz, which bubbles as it’s served over dry ice.

Side note: the Cliff Dweller and the Yub Nub both come in souvenir cups, which explains the $32 and $42 price tag, respectively.

Overall thoughts

The vibe inside of Oga’s Cantina is fabulous — DJ R3X spins tunes for the joint and makes the occasional droid quip from her location off the side of the bar. The attention to detail inside the Cantina is really impressive, and plays into the whole immersive you-aren’t-in-Disneyland-anymore feel that they are able to achieve with Batuu.

But on the downside, the Cantina is SMALL. Most of the accommodations are high tops lining the bar or the adjacent areas, requiring you to stand the entire time. There are a handful of booths lining the walls, but those don’t hold that many people. And even if you’re lucky enough to get one of the booths (like we did on our first visit) they really pack you in: our group of 6 had to share one booth with another group of 4, and it was a tight, uncomfortable squeeze.

On top of that, drinks are expensive and food options basically nonexistent. I really wanted to like the Cantina, but I just wasn’t my favorite. In theory it should be amazing, but in practice it feels like too much of a rushed, cramped experience — hurry in, stand around, spend lots of money on premade drinks, hurry out — without that much needed feeling of respite you could get from other Disney lounge experiences like Lamplight or Carthay.

But those are just my thoughts, and it’s up to you to figure out what you think! The Cantina definitely has its quirks, both good and bad, and it’s a must for all Batuu visitors to try at least once.



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