Michelin dining in Paris

We made it to Le Bristol Hotel with about 30 minutes to spare before our dinner reservations at L’Epicure. There is very much a dress code at L’Epicure, and we were not rocking it after a day of biking through Paris.

Thankfully, the lovely people at the hotel concierge let us use the changing rooms upstairs.

Piscine 5

Originally, Mark had just asked to use the restrooms so he could freshen up and make himself more presentable for L’Epicure. When the man at concierge heard this he did one of those Devil-Wears-Prada “no, you absolutely can’t wear that” disapproving looks. It was awesome.

Epic elevator

Sassy concierge man led us up this elevator…


To the 6th floor Piscine. (Life of Pi, anyone?)

Piscine 2

It was so beautiful inside.

Piscine 3

Mark took a shower in the guy’s version of this galley-type bathroom thing, while I hastily touched up my hair and make-up before spending most of my time taking ALL THE PICTURES.

Piscine 4
Piscine 6

After making ourselves all cute again, we took the lift back down to the lobby and the concierge escorted us into the restaurant.

LBH lobby 1
LBH lobby 2

Commence epic 4 hour dining experience in 3… 2…

Us at L'Epicure



We started off with a glass of Bollinger sparkling rosé champagne.


And a French baguette, laced with bacon.


Fun fact! My menu didn’t have any prices on it. Mark’s did. But we didn’t realize that until after we picked our individual starters and mains. He thought I was trolling him by picking the most expensive items (by far) but I just legitimately wanted to try the caviar!

Food 1

It was the best caviar I’ve ever tasted. Fishy pearls of goodness, on a bed silken root vegetable (aka, mashed potatoes).

Food 2

Mark had the “macaroni” stuffed with duck foie gras.


With our [red meat] mains, we opened a bottle of Chateau Palmer 2004 cabernet.

Food 3

The wine went perfectly with my lamb, which came with a side of gnocchi that looked like mini asparagus. Mind trip!

After finishing up our mains, we had more bread, more wine, and a cheese course. We really like food.


Then it was time for proper dessert, made table side by our adorable Italian waiter. I got an elaborate Nigerian chocolate globe, and Mark got this “cherry en flambé.”

box of macarons

AND THEN, they surprised us with this light-up box of macarons that they wheeled up to the table. (Can you see me being a sugar stalker in the pic?)

box of macarons

From top to bottom: salted caramel, Nutella, pistachio. With a side of nougat (that tasted a bit like… cat food?), and a dark chocolate orange stick. The latter reminded me of those chocolate orange candies you get from Trader Joe’s, cause I am way classy, obviously.

last out

We were one of the first ones into the restaurant, and were just about the very last ones out. I’d say that’s a successful fine dining experience.

Overall, we both loved L’Epicure. We’ve done a lot of these Michelin-rated, foodie extravaganza type restaurants (Alinea in Chicago, Eleven Madison Park in NYC, French Laundry in Yountville, to name a few) and this one deserves a spot amongst the top. The service was impeccable. There was probably a 1:1 ratio of guests to staff, so there was someone at your side almost constantly to make sure you had everything you ever wanted. Besides…caviar? Macarons? Bacon bread? Winner, winner, not-chicken-dinner.

last out

Plus, not many dinners get to end with this. *Insert sappy music*




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