Hawaii - Aulani views

Hello, Hawaii.

My summer back home in LA has mostly been characterized by internship monotony (man, the 9-5 life is rough), punctuated by weekend bike rides along the beach and day trips to Disneyland. Not too shabby, but not nearly as exciting as city hopping through Europe was, either.

Well, last Friday I got to break out of the same-old-same-old with a 5 day vaca on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.



My lil chub Lilo wasn’t happy to see me go. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to smuggle her on board. (I mean, she’s baaasically my emotional support dog anyway.)


Our flight out of LAX was at 8:30am. But in typical American Airlines fashion, we were delayed on the tarmac for about an hour.


So I entertained myself by harassing this guy with Snapchat selfie filters. He loved it, obvi.

* insert beard emoji *


When we finally got off the ground…


…Everything got all Lego-status adorable.

California coastline

Reason #47 that I love traveling.

Catalina island

He-yo, Catalina Island! Where people get drunk and drive golf carts around all day. Mad respect for workin’ that lifestyle.


I had surprisingly delicious crab cakes as my breaky (seriously, shellfish on a plane?!), and watched 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Cause nothing like a creepy abduction movie about kidnapping and aliens to get you in the aloha mood.


(Yeah, I’m that annoying person who keeps her window shade open cause she wants to take pictures of the clouds.)


Anyway. After about 5 hours of blue skies and sunshine…


Hello, Oahu!


Destination: Aulani Disney Resort. Right down there next to the bright blue lagoons.


This was our third time to the resort, and it was just as fabulously fabulous as all the befores.


Especially with all the subtle Disney touches lurking literally eeeeverywhere.

room door
Aulani - bed
Aulani - views

Our view from the room. Major heart eyes.

Aulani - views
Aulani - views
Aulani - us

The purpose of this trip was to relax, tan, get salty, drink about 4 gallons of piña colada, and celebrate the birth of this cutie.

I’d say we accomplished all of that (and more), but you’ll just have to wait and see.


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