Just your typical Friday night out in Copenhagen.

Saki, friends, and SUSHI. And the most important bit — Julebryg, Christmas Beer! Taken very, very seriously here in Denmark. (The Christmas and the beer.)

Christmas beer!

I still haven’t acquired a taste for beer, so I stuck to wine. Found something from California AND it had a twisty cap – double win!


Drank it out of a plastic cup from 7/11 (thanks Kelley!) cause we classy.

Indre By
Indre By two

Friday happened to be THE special release day for the limited edition Julebryg in Denmark. My roomies warned me that it was basically it’s own holiday in DK. Exaggeration? Nope.


That night, a Carlsberg truck drove around the streets of CPH, spreading free Christmas beer, good cheer, and general drunkenness to all. Tis the season!


They even had fake snow, which I’m all about.

More Carlsberg truck crazies
more SNOW
The Livingroom

The scene was a little too rowdy for our tastes, and we ended up relocating somewhere more hygge – The Living Room, a cozy little cafe in the inner city. Perfect for wine drinking and chit chat, two of my favorite things.


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