In a halfhearted attempt to be productive (read: actually change out of PJs), the girls and I spent most of Sunday afternoon walking around the Copenhagen city center.

It was a grey day (per usual) but surprisingly warm compared to the rest of the week. Perfect for cobblestone wanderings. (Side note: how insane is it that “surprisingly warm” for me is now 45 degrees!?)

We ended up stumbling into Illum, one of Copenhagen’s trendy department stores along the main shopping street, Strøget. Think Scandinavian Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus.

The whole place has been getting facelift for months now, and it’s really starting to come together. They recently opened a rooftop area where you can get coffee, seafood, pizza, drinks, etc. It all looked amazing, but was a bit out of our “starving student” budget. So, we took advantage of the view and snapped (free!) photos instead. That’s way better than food, anyway. (False, but let me live the lie.)

City streets

After the rooftop scene, we walked a few blocks away to find a cafe.


We ended up at The Living Room, a hipster little hangout that I’ve been to once before.

Lookin' in the case

The gal pals got some wraps and caffeine, and we all did the girly chit chat thing for a while.

Hi, almost

(Halfsies hi!)


On the way back to my bike, afterwards, I walked passed the now-closed-for-the-season Tivoli. Everything was so…dead inside. And creepy. A completely different vibe from when I went during the holidays with Mark and saw all the beautiful, twinkly lights.

That said, I can’t wait for S P R I N G. We could use some blossoms round these parts, real bad.


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