Bike views

Coming up on week 7 here in Copenhagen.

Here are some bits & pieces from life lately. This is a one of the classically quirky Copenhagen building facades I bike by everyday, in the multicultural district of Nørrebro.

Gråbrødre torv

This is Gråbrødre Torv, and it’s a cute little square, with cute little buildings, painted cute little colors.

 The Lakes

This is Søerne, known colloquially as the Copenhagen Lakes. They’re manmade and shallow, separating the inner city from the rest of outer Copenhagen. They were originally used as protection in the 17th and 18th century (woo history!) but now they’re just a pretty home to some feisty swans (both real, and otherwise).

Stamps on stamps

This is the amount of stamps it takes to get a letter out of the country. Pen pal life in DK = broke me. And I read that they’re actually raising prices, effective Jan 1st 2016. Getting a letter to the States is now going to cost 30 kr, or about $5. #tears

Illum treats

This is the pastry situation in Illum, a department store off Strøget that reminds me vaguely of Bloomingdales or Nordstrom. And it’s yet another Reason I’m Going to Go Broke Here. #kiddingbutnot

Movie parking lot

This is the bicycle parking lot situation at Cinemaxx at the Fisketorvet Byens shopping center, where I saw Everest (brrrr) with a friend a couple weeks ago. In the States we have massive parking structures for cars. In Copenhagen, they’re for bikes.

Beef meal

This is a typical home-cooked meal for me nowadays. It’s pretty much identical to what I’d eat at home in California, minus the Danish language part.

Beef meal all made up

This is the finished product, cause food is pretty and sharing is caring.


This is the smørrebrød situation at the Canteen on campus. I’ve still yet to try one, but soon.

Canteen meal

This is the kind of meal I usually eat if I grab food on campus. Assorted meat + veggies. You can never go wrong. (Also: note the prop Danish newspaper I’m rocking for show.)

Bike views 3

(Serious question, people.)

Bike views 2

This is what the sky looks like when I bike home from ballet on Thursday evenings. Soon it’ll be replaced by pitch blackness, as the sunshine is replaced by the depressing Nordic winter. But for now, trying to soak in the colors.

Sunsets 1


Sunsets 2

And this…

Sunsets 3

And this…

Sunsets 4

And this… is the sunset situation from my bedroom window most days.


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