Mother pizza

Happy October!

It feels like the weather’s hit a turning point here in Copenhagen. Early mornings dip into the 40s, with afternoon highs barely hitting the 60s. Aka, I AM FREEZING ALL THE TIME. This is about as cold as it gets in Los Angeles, and it’s just the BEGINNING here in CPH.

“Winter is coming.” Dun dun duuuuun.

Meatpacking District

Things have been good here otherwise; I’ve slipped into a nice routine of AM coffee + biking to campus + class + PM cafe visits, etc. Copenhagen has no shortage of cute ‘n quirky places to eat and hang out, and it’s been fun trying them all.

One of my favorite discoveries has been Kødbyen, the Copenhagen Meatpacking District in Vesterbro. In the early 1900s it was home to the Copenhagen butchers and slaughterhouses, but in the 2000s they repurposed it. Now it’s an unconventional location for trendy, hipster bars and restaurants. Cause, why not?


They have everything from fish houses to breweries, burger joints, and even a Crossfit gym called “Butcher’s Lab.”

El Barrio

On my first visit, a group of us tried Barrio, a self-proclaimed “Mexican Street Food” vendor.

El Barrio menu

They had a super simple menu. I’ve never heard of putting pork rinds in burritos, or serving burritos with french fries and calamari. But hey, maybe Southern California is doing Mexican food wrong.

El Barrio burritos

The serving size was MASSIVE. Pretty tasty too, minus the pork rinds.

El Barrio bathroom

The decor had a very badass sort of “yeah, we used to be a slaughterhouse and now we’re a DGAF Mexican joint!” vibe to it, which was actually kind of charming in a grungy way.

It did leave you craving hand sanitizer, though.


My second visit was much… cleaner. The girls and I grabbed pizza at Mother, which is a bit of a Copenhagen institution. They serve wood-fired organic sourdough thin crust pizzas and it. is. so. good.

Mother table
Mother stove
Mother menu
Mother pizza
Mother wine

Plus they have wine! Winner winner, pizza dinner.

Mother mine

I got the prosciutto and ate every last bite. As you do.


After carb’ing up, we walked next door to Noho for more drinks. It had a very LA/NY “cool kids” atmosphere, which I guess is what it’s going for.


Works for me.


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