Bar 1

Danish drinking culture is its own special beast.

The Danes are EXTREMELY reserved (like, literally the most introverted people I’ve ever met) and alcohol is vital to any social situation here. No alcohol = awkward stiffness, no eye contact, monosyllabic communication. Alcohol = “YOU’RE MY NEW BEST FRIEND!”

Every Friday, the University of Copenhagen turns into a literal bar crawl maze. There are these “Kaffebars” in each department on campus. During the day, they provide cheap coffee and snacks to students. But after 5pm on Fridays, they turn into actual bars, serving cheap beer and shots. And so the “Fredagsbar” is born. To get all us international kids hip to this drinking craze, the QA program hosted an International Students Bar Crawl. One night, 5 bars…

Bar 1

And beers for $1.50.

Bar 1

Plus lots of sober, idle chit chat.

Bar 2

Bar 2…

Bar 2

… had Jaegerbombs.

Bar 2

And foosball!


Bar 2 was also close to the almost-on-campus convenience store called Døgn Netto, where a few of us snuck away to grab something to eat.

Salmon and grapes for me, cause some things never change.

Stairwell feels

(Eaten in a stairwell, cause we classy.)

Bar 3

Bar 3 had beer on tap.

Bar 2

Plus this cutie.

Bar 3 - IT University

Bar 4 was technically on the IT University campus, which is literally right next to KUA. Look how GORGEOUS.

Bar 4

Very swanky. Disco ball and everything.

Bar 4

Plus, happy drunk friends.

Bar 4

And so. much. beer.

Bar 4

We didn’t want to leave this one.

Piano man

But we did. Cause the next place had a piano!

Ice cream

Plus drinks topped with whipped cream! That, I can do.

I still can’t say I’m big on the Fredagsbar culture (mostly cause I’m a bit of a beer-hating wine snob, and cause I feel about 7 years too old to be getting drunk on a college campus) but it was fun to give it a try nonetheless.


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