The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university in Denmark, with multiple disciplines spread across four campuses throughout the city.

I study at the Faculty of Humanities, which resides in the South Campus on Amager, or “KUA” (Københavns Universitet Amager). Whereas KUA is modern lines and architecture, the old campus in the city center is the exact opposite. Regality…oldness. It’s the original campus of the University of Copenhagen, housing the Faculty of Law, among other things.

I was there last Friday for a meeting, and couldn’t help but do some wandering (plus “oooh”ing and “awww”ing). I’ve been here before, for our Matriculation Ceremony, and also walk by every time I frequent the various cafes in the city center. But still, it’s beautiful and worth a bit of exploration now and again.


Beautiful…with a smidge of spooky.

UCPH basement door

Like, I’m sure there are ghosts ‘n ghoulies down there.


Castle or campus or home to the spirits? Or all three? You decide.

chai latte

I’ll just be across the street, relaxing with a Chai Latte from one of my favs.


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