First snow of the season!

I’m a Southern California girl through and through, so the dusting of snow we got today made me so ridiculously excited.


The day started with cappuccinos…

Coffee + Mark

This face…

Brunch platter

And brunch platters!

This meat, cheese, and fruit combo is from Paludan Book Cafe, one of my favorite places to study and relax in the city center.


After sufficiently caffeinating and brunching it up, we walked from Paludan to Torvehallerne so I could show Mark the epicness of that foodie wonderland.

Torvehallerne + Mark

But then we got distracted outside. Those tiny specks of white are SNOW FLURRIES. First snow of the season in Denmark.

Snow flurries on mah hat!
Torvehallerne + Us

All smiles from a couple of excited snow-starved Los Angeles natives.


These little flurries were just the beginning – so much snow to come.


But in the meantime, Mother Nature couldn’t decide if she wanted snow or rain. So, we got nice and soggy walking through the Christmas Markets and back to the hotel.

Candy apples
Lights - in action

(Another behind-the-scenes courtesy of the man.)

Back to the hotel

But then we got back to the D’Angleterre and…



More snow!
More flurry evidence!

I was in heaven…


And happily got to play outside on the balcony for a second, before coming back in to watch the snow from the cozy warmth of the hotel room… Funny thing, but for it to snow it has to be COLD AS BALLS. Who knew!?


Hygge perfection.


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