Snowy D'Angleterre

Denmark’s first snow day of the season turned into quite the snow night.

We had dinner reservations at Den Røde Cottage, so we had to brave the elements and get there somehow. Den Røde Cottage (literally translated as the red cottage) is in Klampenborg, about a 20 minute drive outside of the city. It was most definitely red, but it was dark and windy and snowy outside so we ran in without snapping a pic. Just imagine a red cottage in the middle of nowhere. We had a rental car, but no way we were going to try driving in the weather. Taxi to the rescue.

Snowy D'Angleterre
Snowy D'Angleterre
Taxi line
Mark not excited

Mark wasn’t as excited about the snow as I was. But that might have just been his “we are going to be late” worried face. The taxi line wasn’t moving at all, and we were coming up on our dining reservation time real quick. Plus, C O L D.

Den Rode Cottage

We got there with 5 minutes to spare, though!

Den Rode Cottage

Inside was very hygge.

Den Rode Cottage


Den Rode Cottage



And dark. They brought us this cute Ikea-esque lantern so we could read the menu.

The restaurant had 8 dishes that you could pick from, and you could choose as little as 3 courses and as many as 8 (i.e., everything on the menu). We went with 5 – not because we doubt our eating abilities, but because a few of the dishes contained shellfish and were a no-go for Mark.


First up – a fried spelt bread starter thingy.

My boy
Den Rode Cottage

This was another quick starter and not part of our courses. Can’t really remember what it was – some kind of savory fish soup for me and sweetbreads with marrow for Mark.

Den Rode Cottage

Yet another pre-course starters was this little sliver of prosciutto. Very simple, and probably the yummiest thing thus far.


Next pre-course goody was bread!


Tiny individual sized loaves that were SO CRISPY. Seriously, their “crackle” was on point. Only downside I cut up my mouth trying to chew it. #rookiebreadeater


The first of my 5 courses was fried oyster on a bed of warm potato mash. (Eaten out of the same Royal Copenhagen bowls we have back at my flat!)

2nd course

2nd course: pork belly over crispy pork skin.


3rd course: duck, duck, goose (jk, all duck).


4th course: the first of the desserts… this one was apple donuts and ice cream.


5th course: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. (I’m not intentionally being repetitive, that’s how it was typed up on the menu.) This one was the last course, and it was a nice sweet bit to end the evening on.

Final verdict: Den Røde Cottage is quaint, hygge, and unique – with good food and good service. Would definitely recommend.


The cab ride back to the D’Angleterre was pretty sketch. SO MUCH SNOW. The cab driver had to actually pull over at one point because his windshield wipers kept getting stuck under snow pockets. Intense! (But I was secretly loving it.)

Snow on the street

Oh, snow. You magical, glorious thing, you.


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