Copenhagen’s Highest Rated Fine Dining Experience

So. Eating. It’s something that I do VERY WELL. In fact, pre-vacation planning conversations usually consist of “Where do you want to eat?” (Everywhere.) “How often do you want to eat?” (All the time, obviously.) “Do they have any Michelin rated restaurants?” (“Maybe? I don’t know, but let’s get pizza too!”)

Copenhagen has a lot of Michelin rated goodies. The pinnacle of fine Copenhagen dining is Noma – considered the world’s best restaurant. Buuuut, that title means it’s next to impossible to get reservations. Next best thing? Geranium, a Michelin-rated restaurant in the Østerbro area of Copenhagen.

Some would actually argue that Geranium actually trumps Noma, cause Noma only has 2 Michelin stars. Geranium has THREE. I can’t compare the two (as I haven’t been to Noma) but Geranium was fabulous.

Geranium + Mark

We started with a rose champagne…


…and artichoke “leaves” over actual leaves.

(One thing of note when dining at Michelin restaurants – they often plate more inedible things than they do edible ones. Why? I don’t know. Fancy factor? Fancy-but-actually-cheap factor? Wanna-be-cool-but-don’t-know-how factor? Whatever the case, watch out for actual rocks, shrubs, stones, moss and twigs.)

Tomato soup

Moving on to the 2nd course: tomato water soup with bacon fat and flowers.

Tomato soup mixed up
Mark sipping soup
Lobster gelatin

3rd course: lobster under some sort of savory jelly.

charred potato

4th course: charred potato ball on a bed of charcoal.

This one was a game of “find the one, tiny edible piece.”

Potato ball on the spoon

Found it! Eaten on a spoon of whipped cheese.


5th course: yet another “find the minuscule edible parts amongst actual rocks” kind of game. Challenge accepted.


(Our relationship in a nutshell.)


6th course was in the kitchen!


Featuring this napkin holder lookin’ thing. I don’t remember what exactly it was, but it was filled with some kind of cheese so it gets a “win” in my book.

Back to the table

Post-kitchen, 7th course was sea urchin and scallop.


8th course was edible marble – to match my nails!


After giving me a second to freak out over the matchy-matchy, they covered the marble with green stuff (so descriptive), crispy fish skin (so omg) and caviar (so omg x2).


9th course = bread course = best course!

more bread

10th course: scallop cake.


11th course: duck one way.


12th course: duck, another way.

ice cream

13th course: dessert time!


14th course: dessert again.


15th course: beer frosted ice cream. So very Danish.


16th (and final) course: truffles!


Like eating a Christmas tree. Only way better, obviously. And on that note – dinner was over (honestly, what better note to end on than edible Christmas tree vibes.) Thanks for the fully bellies of yum, Geranium!


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