Good morning, Copenhagen.

We had a few things on the agenda for Mark’s first full day in Copes… namely: coffee (always), wanderings (naturally), class for me (necessary evil), gløgg (!!!), and the Hotel D’Angleterre’s Christmas lighting.

Hotel + me

(Mom – we need one of these in front of our house.)

Cafe Norden outside

We started off the day at Cafe Norden, a cute spot in Amagertorv square, along the main shopping street, Strøget.

Cafe Norden coffee shot
Hygge corner
Cafe Norden
Cafe Norden
Christmas Market

Right outside — a Christmas Market!

Christmas Market

These have cropped up all over Copenhagen, and they’re pretty much my new favorite thing. So little time, so much Christmas cheer to enjoy. The best problem to have, tbh.

Christmas Market - meat
Christmas Market - aebelskiver
Christmas Market - fudge
Christmas Market - tree

A day that ends in “y” also means a day that consists of flowers.


ALL THE COLORS. And my Dr. Martens, cause duh.

Flowers - behind the scenes

Plus a special behind-the-scenes shot, courtesy of Snapchat (and Mark).


After a day of walking the really cold, winter-y streets (plus an interlude at the University of Copenhagen for me to attend a 3 hour class) we made our way back to the D’Angleterre…


…for some amazing Gløgg – aka, traditional Danish mulled wine. It’s red wine, port, and brandy that’s been stewed with spices, almond slivers, and fruit. Served warm. I’ve decided it’s the best thing ever, and it’s going to be the drink that gets me through the winter. No lie.

D'Angleterre - lit up

At 5pm, there was a big hub bub outside the D’Angleterre for the annual hotel Christmas lighting. They had a band come and play, dressed in traditional garb (think: very similar to that Nutcracker standing out front), and tons of people came to see. They did a drum roll and everything and, well, this is the result. Not too shabby, yeah?


Not too shabby at all.


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