This gorgeous, Christmassy hotel is home for the next 5 days!

I met Mark at the CPH airport, did the whole hug-hug-kiss-hug-embrace thing in the terminal (very rom-com) and then we made our way together to the D’Angleterre. This is our second time staying here – the first being when he dropped me off in Copes back in August.

Hotel check-in
Hotel check-in area

Honestly, can’t rave high enough about this place.

Hotel lobby

Class, personified. (I’m not worthy.)

Hotel room pamphlets
Hotel room
Hotel bed
Hotel bathroom

After settling in, we wandered next door to Magasin, Copenhagen’s massive department store.


How beautiful is this exterior?

Magasin wine cellar

The store is about 5 levels of epic – selling everything from clothing to homegoods to FOOD. Mark found his happy place in front of the wine cellar.

Balthazar rose champagne

We bought a bottle of Bordeaux, then came back to the hotel bar, Balthazar, for a couple glasses of rose champagne to kick things off.

Lobby again
Secondary lobby with tree
And again

When we got back to the room it was time for the most glorious of glorious hotel perks: ROOM SERVICE. On the table = beef tartare, filet mignon, chicken curry, cheese, FRENCH FRIES, bread, and macarons.


(This is how I take all my #onthetable food pics. Standing on something. So sophisticated – especially in my pineapple socks.)

City street

To digest, we decided to walk down to Nyhavn and look at the Christmas lights.

French Embassy

We passed the French Embassy on the way.


So moving.


It was C-O-L-D out, so we didn’t last long.

Night cap

We ended up going BACK to Magasin to buy some chocolate (and more wine, cause we ridic), and then turned that into an epic nightcap once we returned to the room. We got truffles, chocolate covered almonds, and a jule log thing that was about 5 pounds of marzipan and chocolate goodness all wrapped up together.


Here’s to the next 10 days!



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