Eating my way through the South Bay

One of the most exciting things about my surprise visit home? You know, besides cuddle sessions with my pups…


And the Flat Whites from Two Guns?


And the overpriced sugar bombs from SusieCakes?


And these sunrises?


And watching this chub nap?


YUP, you guessed it. The food.


Not that the food is bad in Copenhagen. It’s just that living out there on a student budget does not make for the most exciting mealtime options. (Plus, spoiler alert, there’s no Krispy Kreme in Denmark.)

So, Mark and I took the opportunity of me being home to eat at some of our favorite places:

The Arthur J

The Arthur J

First up: The Arthur J. It’s a small, swanky restaurant in downtown Manhattan Beach, just a few steps from the ocean. They’re known for their amazing steaks and vast wine list.

The sommelier was fabulous, and hooked us up with champagne to start, a cabernet for our mains, and a dessert wine to finish things off.

This was my second time eating here, and it was just as good as I’d remembered.

The Arthur J
The Arthur J
The Arthur J

They also have killer steak tartare, which we ordered with a side of French fries. This is how it must be done, people! It’s how they served beef tartare in Bordeaux and now I can’t have it any other way.

The Arthur J

For the main we shared this massive tomahawk ribeye. To which I honestly asked, “So is this from the cow’s rib?” And to which Mark honestly answered, “Well it’s called RIBeye.”

Jetlag makes my brain do weird things.

The Arthur J

For dessert we had this nectar of the Gods.

The Arthur J
The Arthur J

And then literally every single scoop of ice cream, just cause. (Also a chocolatey bar thing and a cheesecake, which you’ll just have to use your imagination for. We’re really good at eating.)


Meditteraneo in Hermosa Beach

On another night we made it to Mediterraneo, a no nonsense tapas bar off the Hermosa Beach pier. Whereas Manhattan Beach is becoming its own foodie mecca, Hermosa is known more for its nightlife. Meditteraneo fits in with that vibe — very laid back, and located right across from a bar that turns into a dance club at night.

Anyway — the food! That would be brussels sprouts on the left and FRIED RISOTTO BALLS on the right.


And then literally every dessert. Again. Sensing a trend?


Alcohol ‘n berries ‘n mascarpone.


Crème brûlée phyllo dough tartlet thingy.


And an oatmeal ice cream sammie.

Eating in

When we weren’t dining out we were eating in.

This is homemade spaghetti bolognese over almond flour noodles (cause sometimes we like to pretend we’re Paleo CrossFitters). I helped by pouring the wine (and drinking the wine) while Mark did all the boring stuff like chopping onions and mincing garlic. Team spirit! I have all of it.


It’s almost 2am here in Copes, and talking about all this food is making me hungry. Wishing I could teleport home for a plate of something dreamy. All I’ve got on hand is a bag of dry pasta and an almost empty jar of peanut butter. Womp womp.


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