Nik + Ky

I’m at that point in the packing process where my suitcase is just sitting empty and open (all taunt-y and rude) and everything’s laying around in piles.

The “definitely need,” “probably need,” “don’t really need but I want it, #whine” and “OMG I forgot I had that!” piles. Oh, and the “look I found $5 in my pocket!” happy dance piles. Those ones are the best.

I only really have one and a half more days to get my life in order, so naturally the name of the game is PROCRASTINATION. And lemme tell you, I am VERY good at that game.

Should I sit here and casually reminisce about the things I’m going to miss once I’m gone, or actually start prepping for being gone? The first one, duh. K, here goes…

“I’m going to miss…”

Nerta Derpin

Nani! Aka, Nerta! Aka, our resident Crazypants (not to be confused with Luke, our resident Derp, and Lilo, our resident Diva). I’m going to miss her avid protection from the vacuum cleaner and the lint roller and that menacing, dangerous white paper towel. How dare it try to clean things!

Crowded beach feels

This beach, silly tourists included. (I’m looking at you, dude, wading in the water with your jeans on.)

Creme mmmm

Overpriced cafes. Though I know there’ll be a surplus of these in Europe, too.

Kasey bein cute

My little sister being all cute and grow’d up. Tear.


This place, for obvious reasons. (Those reasons not being: the heat, the crowds, the crying children, the Dole Whip line wait time… But other than that!)

Nik + Ky

These babes.


And these ‘Rents.

Milk ice cream sammies

Spontaneous trips through LA traffic for ice cream with my favorite people.

Sunshine gremlins

And finally, my sunshine gremlins and all their little gremlin-y ways. CAUSE LOOK HOW CUTE.

And soooo many more things. But, that’s enough for now. Procrastination complete! Jk, I can still find lots of other things to waste time on. Like, volume two! Coming…soonish. After I’m done procrastinating my procrastination.




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