My fur babies

I did it; I’m here!

Well, not “Copenhagen Here,” but definitely “Europe Here.” I’m sitting in the Air France lounge at the Charles De Gaulle airport, feeling fired up but also sappy and nostalgic. I’m excited about what’s to come and sad about what I’ve left back home. The past 3 days have been crazy, insane, bananas, “insert synonym here,” but more on all of that to come.

Can I just say one thing – goodbyes majorly suck. In a real bad way.

Living abroad in Copenhagen is an experience I’m extremely grateful for, like beyond belief. Buuuut, saying goodbye to all my favorite faces (furry or otherwise) is something I’m not so grateful for. I wish I could fit everyone in my suitcase! But, alas, goodbyes are necessary and normal and something I need to be ok with if I’m going to make this ride worthwhile.

me and Kasey
The fambam

Family is pretty much everything to me, and I’m going to miss mine SO MUCH. But we live in an age of Skype and WhatsApp and global interconnectivity, so “goodbye” isn’t so much “goodbye” as it is “I’ll talk to you real soon.” And anyways, I have on good authority that my family is going to come visit me asap. Right? (Mom, that is a direct hint!)



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