Disneyland Hotel

Let them eat cake

What’s better than a staycation at the Happiest Place on Earth? A staycation PLUS cake.

Earlier this month, we got both. We didn’t get a chance to have a tasting experience for our Aulani wedding (mostly cause the logistics of hopping over to Hawaii between work and planning were a little bananas), so the cake tasting for our Disneyland reception was a nice consolation prize. And honestly, I don’t even know if I can call it a consolation, since it consisted of churro cake and Santa Claus macarons. Now that’s the real prize, people!!

Mark and I bundled our tasting with a staycation at the Disneyland Hotel (plus a night out at Mickey’s Halloween Party), so it turned out to be quite the wowza of a weekend.

Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel
Disney Weddings

My parents joined us for the tasting (aren’t they adorable??) which was hosted in a private conference room in the Grand Californian Hotel. It all felt very swanky; they even gave us a ride in a Disney golf cart afterwards. Ooh la la.


THESE MACARONS. The genius pastry chefs dreamed these beauties up, and I was swooning when they brought them out. Our Disneyland reception is set for late December, hence the clash of the holidays in October. But hey, give me Christmas any month of the year and I’m a happy camper.


The Disney chefs created our entire evening’s lineup for the tasting, from appetizer through to main course and desserts (multiple!) and then… CAKE. From left to right, we have: churro, dole whip, strawberry, key lime. And yes — we each got our own plate with four slices of these beauties. Everything was AMAZING, and by the end of event we were so stuffed. We’re talking Thanksgiving levels of stuffed.

Brava, what a day. If you’re thinking about a Disney Wedding, I’d say it’s halfway worth it just for the tasting event alone.




  1. Me and my fiance are planning a Disney World wedding in Orlando — not on property but in one of the nearby hotels. We’re currently in Texas so I’m like: “we shouldddddddddd take a trip to the venue and do a tasting… maybe??” lol! We’ll see if we will. But I can not wait to do cake tastings!

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  2. Is the tasting included when you book your wedding? We’re planning on doing a walk through of venues around 14 months out so being able to do a tasting then would be perfect!


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