Temple Bar

Temple Bar is Dublin’s “cultural quarter,” and one of its must see areas.

It’s basically a block of restaurants and pubs, jam packed with live music, rowdy coeds, and drunk tourists. Not necessarily the kind of place I like to frequent, but definitely something I wanted to see for myself.


The day started out with a big fat breakfast at Junior’s. Salmon eggs Benedict for me, a whole lotta random noms for him.

* Cue interlude where we spend the afternoon watching The Jungle Book (SO GOOD) *

WS Interior

For dinner we met up with a bunch of dudes at The Winding Stair.

Interior again
The Winding Stair
Winding Stair

I pussy’d out and ordered the CHICKEN (who am I?) – but in my defense, it was filled with cheese. And everything is better filled with cheese.

Bread Pudding


Temple Bar

After eating, we wandered across the water to the Temple Bar area.

Temple Bar
Temple Bar
Temple Bar

As promised, lots of drunks…

Temple Bar

Lots of tourists…

Temple Bar
Temple Bar
Temple Bar

And lots of good times…


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