I think the highlight of my spring break might have been getting Beauty & the Beast macarons from Honey and Butter. I mean, come on! I’ll just say it again – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MACARONS.

Honey and Butter is located in Costa Mesa, which is part of Orange County. About 40 minutes from where I live. They sell their macarons out of the cutest retro trailer, filled to the brim with Disney tsum tsums and various adorable things (seriously, this place is magic).

They sell character/themed macarons, and regular ones as well. Everyday the characters change, so it’s always a bit of a surprise when you get there. I’ve been before when they had anime themed macarons, and my friend has been lucky enough to snag a Baymax macaron (life goals).

But I’d say we were definitely winners with the Beauty & the Beast macs.

HONEY - outside
HONEY - inside
HONEY - big tsums
HONEY macarons
THELAB - trees
THELAB - outside

Honey and Butter is located at The Lab, a hipster shopping center that markets itself as the “anti-mall.” So, naturally, it’s filled with overpriced coffee shops, art instillations, and an Urban Outfitters.

THELAB - coffee
THELAB - my haul

We decided to get chai lattes, grab a table in the shade, and go through our hauls.

I got 8 character macarons for $20, which really isn’t too bad considering how adorable they are (and how expensive regular ‘ole macarons tend to be).

THELAB - on the table

(If you don’t take a picture, did it really happen?)


THELAB - B&B macarons
THELAB - rose
THELAB - belle
THELAB - clogsworth
THELAB - bears

The bears are obviously not part of the B&B theme, but they were too adorable not to get.

THELAB - bears in a row
THELAB - outside
THELAB - fountain
THELAB - fountain
THELAB - Swings
THELAB - outside
THELAB - outside
THELAB - gypsy den
THELAB - mural

If you’re ever in the OC area, do yourself a favor and head to The Lab. Have a cup ‘a coffee, enjoy the sunshine, buy an Urban Outfitters graphic tee that you don’t need, and pick up some epic macarons.

Just be quick about it – Honey and Butter opens at 12pm, and they’re usually sold out by 2. They’re worth the hustle, I swear.



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