Window seat gram

So, I’ve been back home in California for the last two weeks, enjoying the usual spoils: sunshine, family, friends, my pups, Disneyland, and aaaaaall the eats.

This is my third time traveling back to CA in 8 months, and spending half a day in the air is starting to feel easy breazy. This was sunset from 30,000 feet, just before the descent into LAX.


The little piglets have been attached to my hip since I got home, per usual. Can’t complain. I love the snuggles.

Palm trees and cherry blossoms

Signs of spring are everywhere. I never used to notice these things when I was actually living LA, but I have a newfound appreciation for all things warm and colorful since moving to DK.


It’s still not really summer weather, by SoCal standards, but shorts and flip flips are year round anyway.


My favorite sassy mailbox on Abbot Kinney, in Venice. “Nope!”

I was in the area meeting up with my amaaaazing pen pal, Liza, who was visiting from The Netherlands.

COFFEE + Pac Ocean

Two Guns coffee shop makes THE BEST flat whites and the Pacific Ocean makes the best backdrop.


My diet in Denmark tends to be pretty sad, mostly cause I’m living that starving student life. So, whenever I’m home I make it a point to eat ALL THE THINGS.

This was the most epically delicious sandwich from Mendocino Farms in El Segundo.


And this was a sundae from Smitten, with ice cream that’s flash-frozen using liquid nitrogen. It’s creamier than traditional ice cream, and I’m def a fan.


If you’re ever in the Manhattan Beach area, I highly recommend a stop at MB Post for brunch. I dined with one of my besties, and we indulged on ricotta stuffed french toast (!), bacon and cheddar biscuits (!!), avo toast with cheesy eggs, and pineapple upside-down cake.

And then we walked out 4 pounds heavier. Success.


Another MB Post selling point, besides the ridiculous food? It’s walking distance from Beckers Bakery, land of the neon colored sugar bombs.

car rides

Everyday car rides with the pups have been a thing. Not pictured: Nani, who hates car rides and would much rather go on a walk so she can bark at leaves and strollers.


Day trips to Disneyland have been happening on the reg, a’course.


It’s been super crowded with all the spring breakers, but all we really do is people watch and eat anyway. Rides are so passé. (Read: none of us have the patience to wait in lines that do not culminate in a Dole Whip or a corn dog.)




Less than a week of this left, then it’s back to Copenhagen.


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