All the things

I woke up to another dusting of snow on Thursday. It was magical.

Even more magical? BREAKFAST FOODS.

I know I whine and complain about the Copenhagen weather 97% of the time, but there’s just something magical about snow that wipes away all the “waaaaah.” At least, while I’m staring out at it from the inside, all warm ‘n cozy.

We don’t have class on Thursdays this semester, so the gals and I made a brunch date at Wulff & Konstali.


It’s located in Amager, which is the exact opposite end of Copenhagen from my apartment. Hellooooo, 40 minute bike ride. But that’s ok. It was worth it for the 1) nom factor, 2) cute factor, and 3) company.


The draw of this place (apart from just the pastel color scheme and classy Ikea furniture) is its a la carte brunch plates. You’re welcome to just order something from the bakery case, but most people go for the big guns…

W&K order thingy

…a 5 to 7 item brunch platter.

It sort of reminds me of The Counter – the burger joint in LA that lets you tick off all the ingredients you want in your meal. Only this is WAY BETTER BECAUSE IT’S BREAKFAST FOODS.


It was so difficult to decide…but eventually I whittled down my options to a measly 5:

– Smoked salmon
– Bacon
– Organic Danish cheese
– Avocado ❤
– Toast

Plus a $6 Chai Latte cause I am a glutton for coffee-induced wallet pain.

All the things

So many things!

(We ate them all.)

Hygge 1
Hygge 2

It was a lovely afternoon, spent with some of my favorites. And we were productive too. Beyond just egg eating and toast buttering, I mean. Did some planning, and now there’s a joint adventure on our horizon… excited!


Per usual, my route home took me by the Lakes. Half frozen!


And full of all manner of birds, begging for snacks. Talk about Hitchcock vibes.




But in a…majestic way?


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