Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum

After a couple hours of paperwork and lines and general blah at the U.S. Consulate, my Grandma was issued her emergency temp passport and we were free to explore Amsterdam’s museums.

First up: the Van Gogh Museum.


Amazing masterpieces everywhere, and I zero in on this guy. Naturally.


We spent a couple hours wandering all the levels of the museum (each representing a different era of Van Gogh’s life) and then left in search of lunch. We found this cute place, Blushing, on the corner right across from the museum.

Gma and Ben

I had a flat white and it was pretty glorious.


As was this Dutch goat cheese salad.

Amsterdam Tiles

After lunch we backtracked, walking passed the Van Gogh Museum and through the grass to the Rijksmuseum.

Sunshine + trees

The fog had burned off while we were in the Van Gogh Museum, and the effect was gorgeous.

I amsterdam crowds

It also brought all the crowds out.

Birdie silhouette
Light + dark
Inside Rijksmuseum

The inside of the Rijksmuseum is stunning. I love the traditional-but-contemporary architectural mix that art museums tend to go for.

Gma + art

Here’s Grandma, learnin’ about art and things.

Peeps looking at art

And here are some strangers, also learnin’ about art and things.


Rembrandt always pulling in the crowds.

Rembrandt + peeps
Library 1

I found this full on Beauty and the Beast library off one of the corridors. Totally random.

Library 2

So many books!

Rijksmuseum outside

Once we’d had our fill of the Rijksmuseum (and once I’d bought a souvenir Miffy pencil case, cause I’m all of 11 years old), we made it outside for sunset.


All the prettiness. You win, Amsterdam.


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