I amsterdam closer

When you’re in need of an emergency passport…

Before we could be proper tourists, we had to go about getting my Grandma a emergency / temporary passport (since hers had been stolen the day before).

Enter: the U.S. Consulate.

Ah, the joys of government-run organizations. They’re always so speedy and on top of things!

En route

Grandma was in high spirits, though. She has perfected the art of not giving a shit, something I really need to work on.

Museumplein in the fog

Luckily the Consulate is in the best location ever: Museumplein, literally right across from the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

Consulate from the grass

There’s Ben, in the white jacket, waiting outside with my Grandma’s cell phone cause for some reason you weren’t allowed to bring them in.

Autumn trees

Meanwhile I killed time by wandering the grounds. So very autumn AF.

I amsterdam from afar

That’s the Rijkmuseum, an art and history museum founded in 1800.

Van Gogh

And that’s the Van Gogh Museum, right across the way.

I amsterdam closer
I amsterdam
Walking to photo place

We had plans to go in both museums later that morning, but first we had an assignment from the U.S. Consulate: walk to the nearest photo store and have my Grandma get a passport picture taken.

Bit of an odd request. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be equipped to take a passport photo at the Consulate, since the vast majority of what they do is process passports. But, I guess the only explanation needed is that it’s the U.S. government. Don’t ask questions. Hmmph.


In any case, walking through Amsterdam’s southern borough was nice and scenic.

Walking... and houses
Door goals
More walking
House goals

Be cuter, houses, I dare you…

Next up – museum time and the best dinner of the trip.



  1. You want to go to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum all in one day? I think you underestimate the size of the Rijksmuseum and all the beauty to be seen there. Neither the Van Gogh Museum is being viewed in a few hours.
    Hope that you are enjoying your stay in the Netherlands after that not so good start of it!
    Do you plan to stay in Amsterdam or will you also visit some places outside Amsterdam?


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