Back to Copenhagen

My trip home this October was everything. I got to surprise my whole family, snuggle with my fur babies for 2 weeks straight, attend my cousin’s wedding, dress up as John Darling at Mickey’s Halloween Party, and soak in all the Vitamin D in preparation for the Copenhagen winter (#stillnotprepared). But, all good things must come to an end. (And everyone must use that cliche at some point in their life.)

My favs

Gonna miss these two beauties.


Lilo watched me pack while simultaneously sleeping and guarding her ball. She’s talented. Luke was there too, off DERP-ing somewhere in the background as he always is.

Business class!

My flight out of LAX was at 6pm. Mark actually bought a dirt cheap ticket to Vegas just so could hang out with me in the lounge. He also managed to hook me up with a business class upgrade! This meant my own little pod with lots of room to spread out my school things and get to assignments and readings I’d been neglecting for the past two weeks.

Business class!

But then they brought around the wine…

Business class!

And the food…

Business class!

And MORE food…

And then I saw that they had Mad Max in the movie listings…

Business class!

So basically, I watched Mad Max, ate grapes and cheese, and then fell asleep for five hours. Schoolwork? What schoolwork?

Business class!

I woke up just in time for the orange mood lighting.

Business class!

Then breakfast and Veep!

This was probably the best airplane meal I’ve ever had: cheesy eggs on top of a buttery biscuit. Paula Dean woulda approved. (You know, if she wasn’t too busy being racially insensitive and generally uncouth.)

British lounge

I had a 3 hour layover in Heathrow, and once I did the whole terminal switch and security re-do, I hung out in the British Airways lounge.

British lounge
British lounge

Just one more hour and a half in the air and I’d be home. Well, not “home, home” but my home away from home. You know what I mean. (My mama likes to refer to it simply as “school.”)


I had a ton of pen pal goodies waiting for me when I finally got back to my flat around 8pm. Including the beautiful doozy of a quote from my friend Alice. A very apropos way to start my next big chunk of time in Copenhagen.


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