Only three more days till the big BOO-fest, so I have to dump all my Disney Halloween pics on you now.

Halloween really isn’t a big thing in Denmark. I’ve seen ONE costume shop around town, and maybe a random pumpkin streamer here or there. Most of the stores are already gearing up for Christmas! Here I was thinking my family started celebrating Santa’s holiday way early, but trust – we’ve got nothing on the Danes.

Being an American, I adore Halloween. It’s synonymous with free candy, princess dresses, costume parades at school, Hocus Pocus marathons on ABC Family, all things pumpkin flavored, and – of course – Disneyland festivities.

Boo on the windows
Stop 'n smell the roses
Partner's Statue
Rivers of America
Big Thunder Ranch

(*This post graciously brought to you by Mark’s Nikon DSLR)



  1. Hey kirstie! First off I love your blog. I am a Disney enthusiast and i’m completely obsessed with everything and anything Disney. I absolutely love all your pictures and was wondering what camera do you use and if you ever use your Iphone to take pictures? Also do you recommend any photo editing apps? Can’t wait to read your next post!! 🙂

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