Legoland Billund Sign

The original Legoland

Did you know that Lego is a Danish brand? Me neither. Did you know Denmark has the ORIGINAL Legoland? YEAH, ME NEITHER. The girls and I decided we had to make a trip out to visit before the park closed for the winter. It’s located in the Jutland region of Denmark, which is about a 3 hours drive from Copenhagen.

We borrowed Julia’s cousin’s car, which was a tiny little stick shift of a thing. 5 girls with 5 backpacks and winter clothes and all that jazz. Talk about tight squeeze. But, man, can’t tell you how nice it was to be back inside a car. This LA girl missed it.

On the way!

We had to cross over the Storebælt, aka Great Belt Bridge, to get out to Jutland. The toll was $45 EACH WAY, but I guess understandably so. The bridge connects the Danish islands of Zealand and Fyn, and is almost 9 miles in length.

Apart from the expensive bridge, the 3 hour drive was marked by lots and lots of fields and lots and lots of manure smell. Joy.

On the way!
Our ride

Our trusty ride.

Park map

The park was EMPTY.


First ride of the day: this observatory thingy.

From above
Me and my lion

Cheesy photo opp of the day #1


Necessary warm beverage. It was mid-50s and I was freezing.


Cheesy photo opp of the day #2

All the Lego heads
For the pen pals

Coming at you, pen pals!

Log jammin

Log jammin’!

Ladies who log jam

Julia and Mareike – ladies who log jam. (Kelley, Phoebe, and I were way too worried about getting wet.)

That sky

There’s an airport literally right next to the parks, so this sky is the result. Puuuuurty.

Give bees a chance

(Give bees a chance. Denmark sure does.)

Wannabe Pirates

Legoland’s version of Pirates.

Another cray water ride

And another cray water ride. (Seriously, do they not realize how cold their climate is or something?)

Turkey leg

Turkey leg!

Xmas card status

Future Christmas card status.

Water bowl

And the coolest part about Legoland in Denmark?



To be continued…



  1. Yeah, so I just read your entire blog in one sitting (morning well spent) 😉

    it’s really fun to see your own country from a foreigners point of view, you see details and notice stuff that we/I just take for granted or you know, don’t really think about..

    I particularly enjoyed your observations about our drinking culture and how we danes are such a reserved people – i think you used the word “introvert”, and it’s so true!
    It’s such a stark contrast to how you americans are. but I think it kind of goes both ways, when i’m visiting the states I quite often get ‘overwhelmed’ with all your “hey, how are you?” “Nice to see you” etc. It might just be because you’re super polite 😉 But because we’re so reserved and take a longer time to open up to strangers, it sometimes comes off as “fake” or insincere, and i’m sure that’s now how you guys mean it – it just shows the cultural differences.

    Well, I just wanna say, that I really enjoy your blogposts and I hope we don’t scare you away, with all our beer drinking and weird ways 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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