Dinner + homework

The first week of master’s classes at the University of Copenhagen have come and gone.

It was surreal to bust out the rusty thinking cap and get back into student mode after 3+ years in work mode and out of acadamia. I am definitely enjoying the challenge.

Some bits and pieces…

I forgot how much I don’t enjoy homework.


The phenomenon of losing your bike in a whole sea of bikes is real and it’s happening.


Cafeteria food is just as cafeteria-y in Denmark. Some things don’t change.


I have the blackest thumb ever, but I got this little baby orchid a couple weeks ago now, and it’s still kicking! * knocks on all the wood *


I’m taking a ballet class at KU! The teacher speaks in a hybrid English-Danish-Russian language that no one can understand, but still. FUN! Thank god for muscle memory.


These sunflowers greet me on the way down to my bike every morning. It’s pretty grand.

Avo toast

I forgot how much I ADORE avocado toast. I could eat this every day. All day.


#Shelfie. That is all.


That moment where I’m biking and I have to pull over and take a picture of something because it is just TOO BEAUTIFUL. That moment happens all the time.


Post-lecture hang time with classmates is a thing that I’m not hating.

Copenhagen is also a thing I’m not hating. Phew.


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