Walt's exterior

A jet lag lunch at Walt’s

Where did I leave off? Right. We were stumbling up and down DLP’s Main Street, in one of those jetlag-induced stupors which are always a good time. At noon we had reservations at Walt’s, a self-proclaimed “American” restaurant inside the Disneyland Paris park.

Walt's interior 1

Inside was a mix of Club 33 and Carthay Circle vibes, with a more contrasting color scheme and a slight art nouveau aesthetic. (Look at me trying to sound all interior decorate-y.) /pretentiousness

Walt's interior 2 - high chairs!

These high chairs tho! With Mickey Ears and all. Almost makes you want a kid just so you have an excuse to use one. Only, you know. NOT.

Walt's interior 3
Walt's interior 4
The table
The table close up

This was the best part. Our table actually overlooked Main Street, so we got to people-watch everyone walking by as we ate. *Creeper status*

Coffee mmmmm

Another best part: COFFEE. Or, to be more precise, CAPPUCCINO. This is where we learned about the glorious way the French serve most of their espressos… topped with cocoa powder! Aka, chocolate heaven. Most of the cappuccinos I’ve had in the States have a very bitter tang to them, but these were dee-lish-ussss. Maybe cause they add some sugar before they serve? Or maybe cause they’re coffee bean wizards? Who knows.

I think we had 4 capps between the two of us. Which – lemme remind you! – is super reasonable since we’d basically hopped straight off a 14hr international flight and to the parks. No naps for us. Rally time.

Coffee shot

Now, to the food…


The menu was way overwhelming. You could order things a la carte, as part of a 3-course meal, or any mix of the two. Also $$$$. And that’s coming from someone who’s used to overpriced Disney establishments.

Our American waiter (nice touch, DLP) really sold us on their house specialty: Walt’s Gourmet Burger. Aka, a way-bigger-than-standard-American-portion burger on top of huge bun, topped with PAN FRIED FOI GRAS. It sounded so, so weird. But we had to try it.

Lil character sticks

Also, French fries! The best part, to be honest. And that’s not to say the burger was bad, by any means. It was really tasty in a “this is too rich and I can only eat a little bit” sort of way.

dessert 1
dessert 2

Dessert was something else. We each got a massive macaron sandwich, stuffed with pistachio cream along side fresh strawberry compote. My stomach was all, “you’re full from the burger!” but my brain was all, “NOPE.”

Stairs, goodbye
The man himself

And just like that, we were off to explore the parks. And by explore I mean EX-EFFING-SPLORE. We had a VIP Tour booked with the most James Bond-y, DGAF, LET’S ROLL, YOU’RE SEEING EVERYTHING ON MY WATCH, type of VIP guide you could ever imagine.

More on that soon!


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