Mickey 90

Happy birthday, Mickey!

Everyone’s favorite mouse just hit the bit 9-0. I feel like we’ve been celebrating for a couple months now, since there’s been so much amazing “Mickey 90” collabs and merchandise, both in and out of the parks. But his OFFICIAL bday came and went last Sunday, so Mark and I took the plunge and decided to brave the crowds at his OG home — the Happiest Place on Earth.

Honestly, it was bananas. It felt like NYE, or 4th of July, or some other equally almost-at-capacity, standing-room-only, 85-minute-Space-Mountain-wait kind of park day. At the same time, it’s incredibly impressive that the Mickey love runs so deep – across country lines, generations. If there was ever a reason to willingly get run over by strollers and extended families in matching tee-shirts, Mickey’s birthday is probably it.

Mickey 90 - castle
Mickey 90 - crowds
Mickey 90 - balloonstalking
Mickey 90 - balloonstalking

I think one of the biggest pulls for a lot of people was these souvenir sippers, only available in the park on the day of Mickey’s birthday. I mean, slap the words “exclusive” or “limited edition” on a piece of Disney merch and you’ll get a ton of AP-ers eager to wait in lines.

But can you blame us? LOOK HOW CUTE.

Mickey 90 - sipper
Mickey 90 - style

I paired my Mickey sipper with as ridiculous an outfit I could muster. We’re talkin’ Mickey socks (from the Walt Disney Studios), Mickey fanny pack and sweatshirt (both from the Disney Store on the Studio lot), Mickey shorts (from Zara), and Mickey beanie (from Tokyo Disneyland). Am I a Mickey superfan yet?!

Mickey 90 - balloons
Mickey 90 - balloons
Mickey 90 party

The highlight of the day was Mickey’s cavalcade, a gloriously over-the-top procession with the big cheese and all his friends, which made its way down the parade route around midday.

Mickey 90
Mickey 90 party

Main Street was PACKED like I’ve never seen before. All of Mickey’s adoring fans! The cavalcade stopped at various points along the parade route, and everyone in the crowd got to take part in singing happy birthday to Mickey (and Minnie, of course).

Mickey 90 party
Mickey 90 party
Mickey 90 party

The whole production was very sweet, and very well done. We hightailed it out of the parks after the cavalcade (cause crowds like these give me anxiety), and didn’t end up staying longer than a couple hours. But those couple hours were enough! It was a joy being able to celebrate such an iconic, beloved character at the place that started it all.

Here’s to 90 more years…



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