Dublin from above

A long weekend in Ireland

This past Friday, I hopped on down to Dublin, ready for my very first Irish adventure. The trip was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, where everything (and everyone) just sort of lines up, so you say “why the hell not?”

CPH from above
Oresund from above

My fav part of flying out of Copenhagen (apart from the impending adventures, obvs.) is seeing the Øresund Bridge tunnel rise out of the water, all magical and majestic. Civil engineering is nifty.

Dublin from above

And Ireland, I learned, is super green.

Marker Hotel

I (we) stayed at The Marker Hotel, in the tech district in South Dublin. It was this crazy looking cube building, located right next to the Facebook offices.

Marker Hotel - view from the room

View(s) from the room…

Marker Hotel - view

After checking in and all that, we decided to do some city wandering.

Look left

Look at this cute, helpful little crosswalk reminder!

They had these “Hey we drive on the wrong side here!” notes at all the intersections throughout the city and it was STILL totally sketch trying to avoid incoming traffic.


I made a mental list of “must dos” while we did the walk, stop, & snap a pic routine.


Dublin goal no. 1: visit an authentic Irish pub.

Wanderings - KC Peaches
Wanderings - guinness painting

Dublin goal no. 2: have a Guinness. (Even though beer is gross and icksome. When in Ireland, right?)

Wanderings - penguin
Wanderings - coffee

Made a pit stop for coffee (a certain someone was feeling that jet lag real bad) so of course I had to do the cliche arial shot. Chai latte for me, much cuter flat white for him.

Wanderings - doors of Dublin

Back to the goals –

Wanderings - doors of Dublin

No. 3: take pics of all the adorably quaint #DoorsofDublin. ❤


Plus lots more that I don’t have an appropriate picture to place alongside, so you’ll just have to wait and see.

Dinner - menu

We had dinner back at the Brasserie restaurant inside the hotel.

Dinner - tartare

Easy, convenient, delicious.


And then, of course, the night ended with macarons back in the room. As every night should.


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