Rainy Rynek Glowny

My time in Kraków was filled with “firsts.”

First time using AirBnB, first time exploring a city by myself, and… first time visiting a cat cafe!

After a rainy, somber afternoon in Auschwitz, I got dropped off by the tour company in the Main Market Square. As I was walking back to the apartment, I found it.

Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia, Kraków’s one and only kitty cafe.

Rainy Rynek Glowny
Rainy Rynek Glowny
Rainy Rynek Glowny
Kitty coffee - door
Kitty coffee - window
Kitty coffee - wardrobe entrance

The coffee bar was separated from the kitty area by a “wardrobe” that you walked through after ordering your drink. Very Narnia-esque.

Kitty coffee - inside

The inside was littered with kitty toys and, of course, actual kitties. Most were tucked away sleeping, since that’s pretty much all that cats do ever.

Kitty coffee - menu

I ordered a flat white.

Kitty coffee
Kitty coffee


Kitty coffee kitties
Kitty coffee inside
Kitty coffee inside
Kitty coffee rules
Kitty coffee window
Kitty coffee wardrobe again

I didn’t stay too long, mostly cause I don’t really like cats. But it was a fun experience. Any entrepreneurs out there wanna help me start a French Bulldog cafe back in LA? 😉

Walking to dinner

I was hungry for dinner by the time I left, so I Yelped for places nearby and landed on…

Walking to dinner
Walking to dinner - Glonojad

Glonojad. Just a 10 minute walk from the kitty place.

Walking to dinner - Glonojad
Glonojad menu

The concept was very “Traditional Polish with a healthy, hipster take.”

Glonojad inside
Glonojad noms

I ordered Pierogi filled with lentils (!) which were AMAZING. Plus two side salads.

Glonojad close up
Glonojad 2nds

And then 2 more side salads, cause I’m a hungry hippo.

All this food for under $6! Love, love, love.


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