Camelot Cafe

Welcome to the cutest little cafe in Kraków.

It’s located right behind the Main Market Square in Old Town, nestled in one of the tiny alleyways. I found it on Yelp, cause I am an old school millennial, or whatever.

Main Market Square
Camelot Cafe
Camelot Cafe
Camelot Cafe door
Camelot Cafe first room

The inside is a mish-mosh of all the things: bright colors, gaudy wall decorations, rickety old chairs, mismatched furniture… and yes, that is a wooden, painted parrot hanging from one of the light fixtures.

Camelot Cafe interior
Camelot Cafe red room

Best cafe ever, basically.

Camelot Cafe - where i ate

I ate in this room.

Camelot Cafe - view from my table

At this table.


The menu’s pretty massive. Pierogies (!), risotto, pasta, paninis, soups, tarts, etc.

Camelot Cafe - cutest water

I started with a tiny little sparkling water.

Camelot Cafe - chicken salad

And then ordered a chicken salad with oranges and sundried tomatoes. I am a tomato-in-any-shape-and-form HATER (understatement of the year), but for some reason I actually loved this. Impending apocalypse?

Camelot Cafe
Camelot Cafe
Camelot Cafe dessert

For dessert: bitter chocolate cake with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream.

Camelot Cafe at night

Back in the States, the restaurant experience can be very dine ‘n dash. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of the get-in-eat-hurry-get-out mentality. Mostly cause I have the attention span of a baby goldfish.

But for some reason I really indulged in the slow life in Kraków. It was nice.

Also nice? This whole meal cost less than $12. (And that’s actually considered an “expensive” meal in Kraków). Did I mention how much I love Poland??

Camelot Cafe outside

I spent a few hours total at Camelot – editing photos, Snapchatting my loved ones back home (who were just waking up), writing some postcards – before moving on.

Main Market Square

I’m glad I lingered so long, cause it meant I got to see the Main Market Square all lit up and gorgeous.

Main Market Square
Main Market Square
Main Market Square
Main Market Square
Main Market Square

And with that, the first full day in Poland was at an end.


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