This and that

I’m currently sitting in the Copenhagen Airport, sipping an avocado smoothie from Joe and the Juice and waiting to board my next flight to adventure. Of course, I’m a perpetual early bird and got through security with 2+ hours to spare, and now I’m doing the thumb twiddling thing.

So, how about an update on the little life stuff?


We’re a week into March and more snow. I thought the groundhog said we were done with this!?


Can’t pretend I’m not still a little mystified by it, though.


Sunset game is still strong. We’ve been having more sun than usual (knock on wood) and it always makes for a cotton candy twilight.


But “more sun than usual” still = rain at least a few times a week. I’ve been taking the bus a lot lately, ‘stead of biking, and I cannot tell you how much of an awesome novelty it is to not show up everywhere soaking wet. Take that, weather gods.

city center

This quaint little door leads to one of the administrative offices at the University of Copenhagen, not a Middle Earth oasis. But I can see why you might have been confused.

On to some of the eats, lately…


My avocado picking game is barely a B- here. I always get the bruised ones. #Sads


But my cooking game is getting better!


Sometimes I do more than boil pasta.


The other day I burned some fish cakes…


And fried some eggs…which I put on top of boiled pasta. How’s that for culinary talent?


I also got on the green smoothie train for a second, albeit begrudgingly. They were handing these babies out for free at the movies (saw The Danish Girl – so good, but SO depressing), and I couldn’t NOT take one.

And, whatdya know, it actually tasted pretty good! (Probably owing to the 40 grams of sugar. Cause, health.)


Last but not least, here was the packing situation last night. Obviously I bring only the essentials (read: Tsum Tsums and SNACKS) cause I am a travel expert. Hah.

Well, my flight will be boarding soon. Then it’s just a quick 90 minute flight to another check off the bucket list…


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