An afternoon in Sweden

So, where’d I leave off? Right. Fika! After enjoying coffee and cinnamon buns, Nadja and I decided we were sufficiently warm, caffeinated, and sugared up to do some more outdoor wanderings.

Church + McDonalds

A 14th century church and a McDonalds in the same frame. Always a mind trip.

Church + bikes
Square lookin towards church

This is one of the train stations that can take you back to Copenhagen. Ironically, circular and yet named “Triangeln.” But then Nadja pointed out that it’s made up of triangles, so I guess it fits.


This looks like a bank or something, but it’s actually the end of a big shopping mall that spans the length of the whole square. (More on our shopping adventures later.)

Square again
Looking at Church entrance
Art museum

Less than 200m from St. Peter’s church is the Malmö Konsthall, a free admission art museum.

Art museum
Art museum brochures

Can we stop for a second and admire these amazing brochures that lined the walls off the museum entrance?

Art museum ukelele

I MEAN. How badass are these UKELELE PLAYERS!?

Art museum inside

The inside was cute and cozy.

Art museum exhibit

The actual art exhibits were…interesting.

Art museum - hi Nadja
Art museum exhibit explanation

TL;DR but basically the above exhibit is just the leftovers from a previous exhibit. The lazy man’s art? Or ~ oh, ah, so deep ~ because it’s making you think about what “qualifies” as art. OR! The cynical view might say it’s all they could afford for a free art exhibit.

Either way, it was heated so we were happy.

Art museum bookshop

The museum also had a book shop, and everyone knows art museums have the BEST bookshops.

Art museum books

Only catch was that all these books were in Swedish. Obviously.

Art museum bookshop
Art museum outside

After wrapping up at the museum, we decided to do some shopping — but I’ll save that for another post.

Suffice to say, our time in Malmö was really lovely. I definitely plan on coming back over to Sweden; it’s just way too easy not to.

Triangeln Station

As it got dark and the city emptied out, we took the train back across the Oresund.

Triangeln Station train
Triangeln Station platform

Back to Copenhagen. Back to my home away from home.


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