Kollázs at the Four Seasons Budapest

Traveling is exhausting. True story. After spending the morning in the Copenhagen airport, and the afternoon on the road from Austria to Hungary, all we wanted to do by the time we made it to Budapest was S L E E P. So, we did what any respectably lazy tourist does — eat dinner in the hotel. Eliminates the need to leave the comfort (and warmth) of the Four Seasons, and also makes us superficially feel like we are actually “doing” something.

Kollázs is a French-inspired bistro, in the lobby of the Four Seasons Budapest. Easy, convenient, A+ decision.


Black Pudding – aka, fried pigs blood – was on the menu but I was too chicken to try it.


Stuck to the tried-and-true classics instead: beef tartare and french fries. I will never, ever get tired of this combo.


We shared the chateaubriand-for-2 as our mains.


Complete with roasted veggies and herb hollandaise sauce.


Then, finished things off with two desserts: rice pudding (bless) and creme brulee. The latter had some weird jam on top, but I can’t hate. We still polished off both, no problem.

Proud, pro dessert eaters right here.


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