This and that

October in Copes = leaves, leaves everywhere.


October in Copes also means temps are really dipping, so all I crave is warm comfort food. This was rice pasta with pesto and shrimp.


The colder weather means that “hygge” is happening in full force. This is a Danish term for “coziness” and general warm happy vibes. Something I can definitely get on board with.


Oh, and those roses on the table arrived the day after I was back in Copes, following my October trip home. Mark’s crafty.


Groceries, lately.


I’ve still yet to find the perfect avocado. This one looked so promising, but then it was all watery and weird when I cut into it. Where my California avos at? (I know, they’re back in California.)


This is a “spider” cookie my roomie made from scratch. She was bummed cause she realized the candies she bought were actually smiling octopuses (octopi?) and not spiders, but I think that makes them even more adorable.


The extent of the Halloween themed goodies in Copenhagen. This was in Torvehallerne.


And so was this. Chicken curry from my favorite Paleo stall.


This wine cellar fairytale is in the basement of Magasin, the quintessential Danish department store (and forreals, my new favorite place).


Think of a Whole Foods on the ground floor of a Nordstrom. Aka, awesome meets more awesome.


Awesome squared.


And to end on an even more sunny note — blue skies do exist in Scandinavia!


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