Lillian & Co.

When you think “Disney” what comes to mind? There’s the obvious: the fabulous Mouse duo, the parks, the iconic treats. But there’s probably something more there too. A memory, a feeling — that nostalgic warmth you get when you dig into your favorite classic princess story, or make the early morning walk down Main Street with your loved ones.

These days, there’s no shortage of Disney-inspired merch out there, ready to feed these childhood memories with wistful tees and and collectible pins. I’m a huge fan of Disney’s small shop community, and one of my all time favorite stand outs is Lillian & Co., a jewelry and watch shop specializing in dainty, simple (and major aesthetic) bracelets featuring dreamer-inspired quotes and sayings.


I became a Lillian & Co. “Dreambassador” back in June, and since then have amassed a huge, ever-growing collection of bracelets. Literally one for almost any occasion!


I love how classic the packaging is, and the quality of the bracelets is top notch.

They also make gift items, since they’re relatively affordable. They may or may not have become my go-to for Christmas and birthdays (recipients, you know who you are 😉 ).


And you don’t need to be a frequent Disneyland-goer to rock these bracelets. I wear one almost every day to work, and it’s such a lovely, subtle way to carry around some pixie dusted inspiration with me wherever I go.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, don’t forget to use my code “whereiskirstie” for 10% off all purchases at Lillian & Co. They’re having a special BOGO 50% off right now, so get on over and treat ‘yo self.




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