So, Danes have this thing called a CPR number.

It stands for Civil Personal Registration and it’s the Golden Ticket, magical pass, key to ALL THE THINGS. Basically, a Danish version of a Social Security number that’s tied to everything you could ever need to get by in society: healthcare, bank accounts, public transportation, cell phone plans, library cards, etc. etc. If you don’t have one, you’re less human being and more sad, inanimate Lego piece.

Since I have a Student Visa, I’m allowed to get one. Rejoice. It’s a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare signing up for a CPR number, so the University of Copenhagen had a special day for all students to register through a more centralized, expedited process.

Well, in theory.


It ended up being a day of long lines and misery.

The registration center was at the Faculty of Law campus, and we were told to go between 9am-3pm. I got there around 8am, and there was already a line wrapping out the door. And lemme tell you, slowest moving line EVER. Like Radiator Springs at DCA only a zillion times worse.

On top of that, it was FUH-REEZING. Don’t let that spot of sunshine fool you. We’re talking low 50s and super windy. (Ok, I realize “low 50s” doesn’t really qualify as FUH-REEZING for a lot of people, but I’m from SoCal so just bear with me.)


Luckily I had a $5 cappuccino to keep me lukewarm!

All told, it took about 4 hours of standing around and shivering before we finally made our way to the front of the line. But it was so worth it cause now I have my CPR card, which means access to the amazing FREE Danish healthcare system. Woooooo.


I celebrated by wandering through one of the bigger bookstores in the inner city. I immediately found the children’s section with Frozen merchandise, cause I just can’t help being that person.


Also, postcards!

Ballerina postcard

How cute is this prima ballerina?


And these stamps!? In love with everything Lego.


There are a ton of flower shops in the inner city (and throughout all of Copenhagen) and I’m physically incapable of walking by one without taking a picture, so here you go.


And, finally, some cotton candy clouds. A Copenhagen specialty.

(You know, when it’s not raining…)


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