Hotel bfast

Goodbye, Bordeaux. Hello, Copenhagen.

We got up bright and early, fresh off the previous day’s chateau adventures.

Our flight out of Bordeaux was at 10:30am, which meant an early AM wake-up call to check out of the hotel and get to the airport in time to drop off the rental car, check-in, etc. The hotel offered complementary breakfast, but we had missed every day prior cause for some reason we valued sleep over food (terrible priorities, I know).

Well, we didn’t miss it this morning.

I got a cappuccino and Mark had some bacon, eggs, plus a cannelé for good measure. I haven’t mentioned these before, but they’re a Bordeaux specialty. Baked and crusty on the outside, sweet and delicious and slightly sourdough-y on the inside. The hotel had gifted us a half dozen along with a bottle of wine the first night. It was bliss.

Hotel Bfast 2

It was barely 7am, so the dining area was empty save for a couple people. Those couple people did stop and stare at Lilo 2.0, though. She’s quite the scene stealing stuffed animal.


With not too much time to spare, I took my cap to go and we said goodbye to the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux. Till next time! (Or, you know, probably never. Tear.)

Bordeaux at morning

Luck was on our side, and our rental didn’t break on any train tracks. Success! We made it to the airport with a couple hours to spare.

Mark’s suitcase ended up being over the 50 lbs limit, but we batted our eyelashes and smiled and the nice lady at the Air France desk let it slide. We were on a streak!


The BOD airport is teeny tiny. Just one terminal from what we could see. We killed time outside the single cafe with another cappuccino and some sparkly and mentally prepared for the full day of traveling. Since the Bordeaux airport is so small, we had to fly into Paris to catch a connecting flight to Copenhagen.

Tiny Eiffel Tower!

(If you squint real hard you can see the Eiffel Tower.)

We decided to make use of the Air France lounge again since we had about an hour before our flight out of CDG. On the way, we spotted a Frenchie brindle walking with his owners. They saw me carrying Lilo 2.0 and went a little hysterical. Hilarious.

*Insert wine, cheese, charcuterie snacks*

Then… goodbye France, hello Denmark!

Up in the air

The flight there was pretty empty. No one in the row behind us, and barely anyone at all in our cabin.

Up in the air 2

The in-flight meal was weird looking but tasty: roasted turkey with veg, and a side of more veg, a roll, and some bread pudding.

Up in the air 3
Up in the air 4

Almost there! This is the Øresund Bridge from above. It connects Scania (southernmost Sweden) and Denmark. It’s only about a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen, meaning Sweden is most definitely in my future. 🙂


It took us a while to get out of the airport, cause the lady at the Enterprise rent-a-car desk was soooo slow. Very kind, but OMG slow as molasses. She did set me up with a SIM card (yay data!) so I can’t hate.


The Hotel D’Angleterre was our home in Copenhagen for the weekend.


And she was a BEAUTY.


So ready for this bike culture.

Anyway. We dropped our luggage in the room, had a quick shower, then headed for my other home-away-from home: my new apartment! I had planned to pick up my keys from Amanda, my new Danish roomie. We hadn’t officially met yet (just FB messages and the like) so I was LE NERVOUS. Like, about-to-take-the-SATs nervous. No need though – she was very kind and welcoming. It was just a quick shotgun meeting, in and out, but all good vibes.

After a quick hi + bye, Mark and I drove back to our hotel. We were hungry, but weren’t quite sure where to go or what to eat. The concierge recommended Koefoed, a small restaurant not far from Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square, where the hotel is located).

The restaurant was located in an old coal cellar, and had a very cool concept: they sourced all of their ingredients from the small Danish island of Bornholm. Fresh, organic, delicious. Our kind of restaurant, basically.

I was so stoked to finally have a SIM card with data, so I went a little crazy on Snapchat and didn’t take any real pictures. #millenialproblems

Just know that everything was amazing:
– The decor
– The water
– The bread
– The appetizer
– The wine
– The main(s)
– The dessert

Highly recommend this place!

Copenhagen, I love you already.


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