Bordeaux Street

Good morning, Bordeaux!

JK, more like good afternoon. I think we slept in till almost 11? We know how to do vacation, lemme just tell you.

Good morning Bordeaux

First order of business was trying to figure out how we could buy a chocolate piano filled with macarons. (Turns out it’s easy! Hard part is figuring out how to get it home.) Second order of business was coffee. Sorry, no photographic proof. Was too hungover from no coffee.

Third order of business was wander, wander, wander.

Ice cream
Bordeaux Towels
Mark and his Hawaii shirt

I made him get this shirt back home before we left. Just cause it’s fabulous.


Go home, KFC, you’re drunk.

More wandering

Oh hey, it’s the train that almost killed us the day prior!

More wandering
More wandering

This is the Basilica of St. Michael in the heart of Bordeaux. Ain’t she gorgeous? Built between the end of 14th century and the 16th century through witchcraft and dragons. Or, you know, crazy hard work and dedication.

More wandering
More wandering
More wandering
Wandering over bridge

This is the view over the Pont de Pierre, which overlooks the Garonne River. It was so muddy. And that current…intense.

Wandering over bridge 2

Too cool for school. (Except not, cause that’s obviously the whole point of this trip!)


Our wandering was cut a bit short cause of all the rental car snafus. Since they had towed away the broken one the night before, they needed to drop off a new one at the hotel. But, for some reason, we HAD to be there to accept the keys and they refused to just drop them at concierge.

So we made our way back. And, as luck would have it, just as we were walking up to the hotel the rental peeps were dropping off a car. Score.

Wine bar

So, we made our way right back out and found this cozy little wine bar not far from the hotel. Wine, cheese, bread. So simple, yet so good.

And, just like that, I’m hungry again.


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