sunset from above

Chicago, here we come

I made my way across the country last weekend — to Chicago, Illinois. After touristing through Europe this past year, it was about time for some sight-seeing of the domestic variety. I’ve been here once before, on a mini foodie tour with Mark a couple years back (we ate at Alinea).

Chicago is charming, and surprisingly livable. If it weren’t for the draconian winters, I could easily see myself calling the city home — at least for a little while.

manhattan from the air

We were in the midst of a heat wave as we flew out of LAX. Mid-80s in October, a glaring and loveless reminder of our oppressive drought and sad, sorry excuse of a “fall” season.


But the typical cloudless, smog-filled skies made for great window seat views.


AND LOOK. We had a freaking Dalmatian on board! She was absolutely gorgeous — the kind of gorgeous that Cruella de Vil would love to make into a fur coat. She sat in the row behind my sister, and her owner wrapped her in a blankie for the majority of the flight. It was adorbs.

window view - westin

4 hours of pretty skies later and – voila – hello, Chicago.


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