The Disneyland Hotel, Paris

Our little French taxi pulled into the Disneyland Hotel just after 9am on Saturday, August 15. It was rainy and grey, but still all kinds of perfect. We were running on jetlag adrenaline fumes, delirious and brain-foggy. But damn, if not ready to seize the Disney-tinted day.

DLH Fountain

Ain’t she a beaut? Lots of Grand Floridian vibes. Plus, it’s literally 100m from the doorsteps of Disneyland Paris.

DLH interior
DLH windows

Most of the check-in/getting settled bits are pretty fuzzy. I was LE TIRED, ok. But I do remember the concierge and registration people loving Lilo 2.0, and everyone being really friendly; not that you’d expect anything less from a Disney institution.

One super duper awesome thing = our room was ready right when we walked in. None of that “Sorry, gotta wait till check-in time at 3pm” nonsense we almost always get the hotels in the States. #BlessyouDLP.

DLH room

(Lilo 2.0 just casually chilling, and probably scaring the housekeeping.)

DLP pamphlets
DLH exterior
DLH mailbox

Can we talk about the full on Mary Poppins mailbox they had in the lobby? Perfect for postcard-ing and pen pal-ing and general awesomeness.

DLH sunset

No words necessary for this one.



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